Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Sem Break Holiday....

So what i do and where have i been up too...

Lepaking in @IESEC MALAYSIA office
A few series of Harassing AM office with Doria


    At first it suppose to be Doria Ber-Ariffing to discuss about the Conference since she apply to be the Faci. Few scene down here.... Jasper is taking picture of william hair...

    Char kiss ariff in AM ofice

    Doria Berjasper-ing

    Then another few time visit is for utilizing AM Net but lastly we CURI Other ppl WiFi connection since not enough connection... then meet David the Baa and he is a kiwi :)
From Left: Sandy, Doria, me, Jasper, Yen, Ariff and David

    1st National AIDS Conference in Legend Hotel
then Since i here to become Doria chauffeur and Yes Be the Delegate for 1st National AIDS Conference in conjunction with world AIDS day.... Organize by Kementerian kesihatan Malaysia with other name Such unicef, Malaysia AIDS council, and NGO's like PTfaundation and Class. (sorry cant fit all in here plus old oledi can't remember.. Doria HELP)

bunk in Sandy's room @ Legend

Will be more on Next next next post
    YES we having our PreMNC and PreNLDS in Kolej 3 University Malaya which is Really Scary.
the Hall

The Toilet
The room (if i become UM student sure i ran away from the hostel)
The Plenary
Eating KFC at night, Izzy idea to have it at bukit Cinta but well the scenery is half way spectacular as what have he make us imagine [ Doria, Izzy and Fads]

External day

The Hall and room
    Immi and LHDN formalist
    Doing Visa for Jeanne.
    me and doria have to travel to Shah Alam to Fed Ex office to Pick up the Document... and meet this Van it say Do It in this Van :P
Malaysia immi Putrajaya :P
My Fav Building in PutraJ

    Outing With Some AIESECers
    there is yiying, ethan, doria and victor here

    on the last day of MNC me trying to connect to the NET, Doria and yiying were there with me. the come out with the outing idea..... planned for movie and Dinner... end out i skip the movie....

    Last but not Least Been With Bro (after so long waiting)
    in the next next post
    Mom Thingy

    Current update on her.... she will be admitted to HSA johor bahru 13 Jan 2008 and she will do her surgery on 14 Jan 2008.... please help me pray for jer ok :)

    and kinda thats it.... for the update... but will add up and explain more when i get the chance to do so....


imDavidLee said...

holiday break..need to plan that can fuly utilise ur time...

aLiSh said...

almost finish thou