Monday, December 24, 2007

Brother Gone Dark

at first i was going to post up my chatting thing with Angeline in SO from yesterday. but...just now My Brother arrived from few days outing. My bro when for this what... Johor motocross thingy.... when he say hi to my dad in his room, i didn't see his face at first because my dad always put of this very dim light (watching TV with dad in his room because my mom using the living room and mine cant be use). so then i went to kitchen to feel up my coffee.... and my bro was on the way to the toilet.... and there.... he turn dark (of course not on the spot... apalah) .... haha yes i am happy because he never had dark skin before... meaning that i will have like few weeks to tease him about this.... face on the bright side bro... now he look like our second brother (he = the 4th) .....

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