Monday, October 01, 2007

CICT makin' me mad..........

I was cursing the CICT for this few days connected to net but unable to surf…. Damn I have a date line to meets with my outdoor and presentation this Tuesday and there. Phone rings. It is Rennis…. Asking me where am I about so …. Yup I was in faculty copying next sem schedule to pre registered it toms. With me there is jay, cykin, nurul and Taufiq. Still on my cursing mood Rennis came around with Khalid. He wanders around pretending what not. And suddenly tell me. I tot I wanted to pass you the cake ( 4 my birthday). “eh pass la” my lame reply….. Then he went to the car and fetches it…. There blue berry cheese cake…. Thanks RENNIS …. Atc I just browse the cake shelf in Lavender…. Jusco …… and planned to buy raspberry chocolate cake from lavender and cheese cake from secret recipe… Guess God here my Stomach hahahha….. anyway hope that this wifi problem ease at once ASAP .

The Cake


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