Thursday, September 20, 2007


1. My car knocked by this FAB sinal year student in pusat Ko-Q yesterday
ah bagus lah sangat i sent my car to my uncle wong friend and hhahahha she take my car without any permission of understanding the what ever her situation is which uncle siong say that he will settle up my car by toms and now i dont know where is my car i dont know what will they did to it i dont know why and when it occur and guess what MY CAR WILL BE THERE BY NEXT WEEK


hahahah no comment.... final draft shud be sent by monday.......... ops forgot my log book noooooooooooooooo......

3. dark skin alish
hahaha i walk... walked for such a long time my feed spread back to UTM path pedestrian walkway ahhahha and my not that cerah skin ........ no becoming dark ahhahahah

4. 18 september 2007
my super super senior ask me "THE QUESTION" i didn't not answer yet ahhahahha comel kan.... not ready... shud vie yours truly alish to know my feelings toward this issue..... anyway I AM SO NOT READY

5. Happy toward D bukan nama sebenar because i tot he angry at me but not so i guess.......

owh forget

HAPPY RAMADAN to all my MUSLIM Friends

saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Berpuasa
kepada rakan karib se-block Cykin and nurul, my roommate Jay, Fellow AIESECers, My Exschoolmate Fara, Ayin and Elly, My lovely PSM lecturer and Supervisor and others which and whom the name were not mention in the list. Happy Fasting guys...

P.S walid you the best that anyone would wish for.......

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