Saturday, September 01, 2007


the night of 31st august
having my ICX meets until 10pm and after that joining doria, kean siong, grace, yan n jo's, simon as well as karteck @ Dataran pusat Ko-Q (Still remember last year Merdeka- the celebration was smashing but i was with my coursemate and more happier the other day i celebrate it with the EB's. after that accidentally meet senior member(more appropriate ex LC UTM EB's) working with Digi staff for promo. anyway i still waiting for the pix from grace since she the only one bringing cams. im so happy... the fire works cool and the ashes like our eyes.... so happy just wait for the vids and pic uploaded by me soon.

morning of merdeka
when to Johor Cheshire Home and celebrate with the resident there. have a long talk with puspa and im happy to know whats up with the skin and all. so does knowing ani. so happy. thanks to siong he asking me to go wif karteck and Simon. the after arrived UTM doria and grace is about to leave the AIESEC room so lastly me, doria, simon and karteck sent grace to the border....

and to tell the truth..... i feels like there is a hole in my heart

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