Saturday, August 25, 2007

Smells like Brewed

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thats all i can say... only 77 percent.... hehe i took this questionnaire... well after a few series of making my self occupied wif all the quiz in
molek lah sangat la...... but surprisingly few question that i was expecting is not there so i guess it will be cool if they ask something like your friend awareness of your addiction or the most important question of the day...can you sleep after drinking coffee..... i will answer hell yeay haha my roommate, cykin and nurul will be so piss off since they use coffee to stay up late.... and i after a jug of coffee i still live my life normally..... cut the crap alish ya i know..... I'm always normal hahahah..... going to my OS class now..... GTG meet this page again in few hour... may be after my mandarin class to night.... arhiooozzzz

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