Friday, August 24, 2007

alish update

well first and foremost i would like to say thanks to my fellow readers... anyway i was to bz with alotof stuff and i dont have much time to blod these 3 weeks anyway here were few update on me
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My second LLDS joining the senior track and well to much thing to share there and to much memory. anyway hope that all of us lear something and get the chance to undo few th
ings and renew out way of working after allwe the EB's right.... AIESEC UTM Rawks......
2 Part time JOB with smart REG for HPPNJ held in persada johor
I'm having a very very happy happy days in Persada for the whole 4 days... meeting new friend and have fun changing information... a lot of information so im happy..... thankx to all of them i find that my adolescent days still not over just yet and i having a new planning after my degree


erlynda said...

LLDS rocks! i missed all the precious moments in orchid valley~~ (:

aLiSh said...

me too my second you know the scenery there awesome... i understand that you guys did'nt have the chance to explore it "(