Saturday, July 28, 2007

What happen today

1. Expectation setting in Cheshire home with the 6 intern
(attendance : the LCP-Fadli, The VPicx- jo's, the DICXes- alish and simone, the intern- mark, dennise, norhan, debby, amit, yasser, sohan and krishhh)

2. Outing with Far
The First Swipe
before that Congrats to FAR she get the PTD post with JPA.... from 20000 ppl apply she was one of the 300 ppl get it)
anyway regarding to that we shop for her new cloth with her new credits card.... wohooo.....
The Brand new coat-G2000


budak kechik said...

perempuan gila!

erkkk...ko pegi letak gambar kat TNS tu?ngeeeeeee..sabar je! hehe but then, i will always remember my first buying with the credit card. TNS products! mwhaha. eyy have u tried the samples yet??? best best

only wear the hydrating mask after GENTLE cleasing. means no exfoliating needed to be done. exfoliate after the mask. if not, ur muka PEDIH gilsss ok? and apply generously, kalau sikit² nanti susah nak peel it off. after mask + exfoliate, u shud leave ur face to relax overnight. means no toning / moisturising needed. biar je.

here's the instruction frm the website :
Apply immediately after light cleansing.
Paint a thick layer over your face and throat.
Leave on for between 5 and 20 minutes before peeling away from the neck up or soaking/steaming off with a warm damp towel. This product can be followed safely with a gentle exfoliator.
Allow the skin to breathe overnight before resuming with your daily skincare regime or, in the morning, follow with toner and moisturiser before applying make-up.

and the result? hehe i love it! going to buy the whole product! well, u know when, at end of the year. bila dpt duit!! mwhaha. then, we'll go shopping again k babe? i am soooooooooooooooo ibu's daughter eh? mwhahaha. have fun in experimenting with the skincare babe! :)

aLiSh said...

not yet doesnt ment tak berani just that i didnt have time to do so...sorry tertinggal card tu tak sengaja lah ngek nak reply msg pun tak dak credit... NVM thankx for the tips... i'll try tonight.... anyway thankx for the outting yesterday