Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sick Again

haha well i was so bz to organize my stuff today since my bro will take back his laptop from me... yup still piss off with the dealer my laptop still not yet ready. anyway i dont want to nag about it because it has been 2 weeks already and as long as i able to settle down my JOB its okay... some pix 4 today
My medicine
luckly the number not like always 3 pills consider ok... yup that tissue full of blood. should have seen the one the doctor ask me to throw it just not

Inside the car:
i think the doctor i met just now new in the clinic since she surprise how many time i already get my self medicine for different type of sickness...horay i didn't get MC for toms...


budak kechik said...

hidung berdawah?? awatnya?? nway, abt d card, takpe. as long as u know when is d date. take care ha!

aLiSh said...

card????? mmmm i try the product yesterday since they give us 6 sample for the skin care i only used 4 because the instruction stated 4 thingy je...

budak kechik said...

makcik ooo makcik...

for daily use:
1. wash ur face throughly using foaming cleanser
2. pat ur face dry and put on hydrating moist. it's labelled as #2.
3. after ur face have fully absorbed the moisturiser, apply the one labelled tinted

for night use:
1. first wash using milk cleanser
2. then, wash using foaming cleanser
3. apply moisturiser, the one labelled with hydrating moist

for extensive care:
1. first wash using milk cleanser
2. then, wash using foaming cleanser
3. apply hydrating mask, follow the previous instructions i've given u
4. u may use exfoliant labelled as exf 1a.
5. then, go to sleep hehe

there u go..easy eh? blaja sket2 dulu..i know u dun like to go thru all these..hehe..

aLiSh said...

ahahaha means my intensive care betul lah semala.... hehehe thankx sista..... uhuh paiseh paiseh

budak kechik said...

wuuppss..i got it wrongly..i meant intensive..mana plak aku dpt extensive...mwhaha..nway, how was it? blackheads aku ilang babe!! hmwaha