Wednesday, July 18, 2007


FYI MIA stands for MALAM interaksi AIESEC...... will be happening tonight woohoo
(for ppl yang sememangnya don't know what AIESEC is all about.... find it out in my list of link

MALAM interaksi AIESEC (MIA)
Time: 8.00 PM
Location: L50
MC: Clyde and Nissa huhuhuh

Pix of clyde: (his AGM face) should the motion pass by acclamation.... NO for clyde
Pix Of Nissa: Pending......
anyway i said to my friend about those movie i watch
"atc i have been waiting for harry potter but after i watch transformers and DIE hard 4.0 i get so high with die hard 4.0 only.... fell bad for harry potter"
then she left and don't want to talk to me... hey you guys should watch it if not aw man u just miss the whole movie in the world...

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