Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter Again

I'm getting sick watching it to much thankx to my lovely Local Committee President (Mr LCP Fadli) suggested we watch harry potter yesterday.... after cherries meets with cheshire home...

the attendance :

the AmbJas ( ROBIN and Guido)
the Intern (Yassier, Debby, Amit, Denise, mark, Norhan, and Krish)
the AIESEC UTM PSYCHO ( Fadli-LCP, alish- DICX)

talking about dicx and stuff fadli stupidly frame the ambjaz ppl while we on the way back to utm
Fadli : seriously you guys don't know what DICX is?
ROBIN : Alot of DI*K???

[everybody LOL]

[hey i one of the DICX woi]

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