Friday, June 15, 2007


1. co-incident.

Giving my self a long sigh.... what the..... today i mengada-ngada try to spy on Ayin msn live space and *sigh* i saw this

coincidentally i just create another blog for my self with the exactly same name which is Yours truly alish. Just wish that she is okay with it. *crossing legs* ... Sorry Ayin....didnt notice it :(


For me to hav our own SYTYCD is A++ for 8 tv, love the idea and love to watch it BUT i still find last nite(+ other nite as well) "So you think you can dance Malaysia" is not to the level i expected it will be. My opinion was more about the contestant from last night show only 3 out of 8 contestant i agreed that they have the enthusiasm to make SYTYCD work...and all the judges giving the same comment from day 1. "It was good, i like,it was ok and you look like pancit" etc etc (reminded me of 1 of my friend who ask us to show some respect when she her self loosing it and never respect others opinion and suggestion!!)
...Whaa... and the saddest things is i don't like Jehan at all when hosting ANYTHING.... (suppose because he looks like fakers...) anyway i don't mind about the language (the mixing malay and english thingy) better still we are Malaysian right?. wanna know comment from other about SYTYCD:

read this crap sheet from 8tv (please be reminded that you have to be registered user)

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