Thursday, June 14, 2007

Local Entertainment Scene

really glad when prison break and Desperate Housewives season3 premier on8tv before Media Corp ch 5 (Singapore show it) the reason is simple. lately i have been away from johor like few time and most of the province cant get any of media corp channel (unless using mobtv). if last time before 8tv existed it is suffering when you away from johore..... we(mostly Johorian) thinks that Tcs (Mediacorp) produce more quality dramas from aboard... well now me and most of my friend watch ch 5 just to recap last week show on 8 tv.... for me it is a good sign fo those Malaysian wish to be up to date with current shows on state.... more proudly about 8 tv is the say that they are different.... and indeed they are :)
Feature By 8tv Malaysia

Prison Break Season 2RendezousAs Michael reunites with Sara, Mahone and Kellerman strive to make sure they stay apart.

Ugly BettyThe Beautiful World of Ugly Betty Review the season's most heartwarming and comedic moments of Ugly Betty in this hour-long recap special on the hit series' first season.

Desperate Housewives Season 3Liaisons Susan considers moving from Wisteria Lane to London.

So You Think You Can Dance- MalaysiaTop 8 (Live Show)Tonight, the Top 10 contestants put their best feet forward while trying to amaze the judges and win Malaysia''s votes.

The OC Season 3The Man of the YearRyan and Volchok make a deal after a fallout at prom.

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ca you ipoh mali ( sighz)

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