Friday, June 01, 2007

Interesting findings

i was trying to spy on my brother SYED MAHADZIR.......... Yup i did came across his name like few time and even the name of his company ... plus in a few register listed Quantity surveyor .... than i came across with this anonymous syed mahadzir fotopages which funny-ly he also study in UK but the diff is my bro study in Reading U and gone to Leeds metro and finish his study there (Awek punya pasal he pindah uni *sweat-zha tao*)... continue with anonymous syed mahadzir fotopages i flip few photo's and lastly i saw a blog link which caught my eye so much it never.... well... ok not yet bord me :) .. the link you'll find em :) so CUTE its about.............. eh go read your self la :)

Ayin is OPT-INGn for intership

[15:27] alish hazel -----always "'-----: you going for intership?
[15:27] alish hazel -----always "'-----: soon ke?
[15:27] dust_junkys: i target august like that
[15:27] dust_junkys: this year
[15:30] alish hazel -----always "'-----: where?
[15:31] dust_junkys: erm so far i saw 2 forms i like : canada n india
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: ok
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: hehehhe
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: so cute
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: india
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: never expected that from you
[15:34] dust_junkys: LOL
[15:34] dust_junkys: jaaahat jaahat
[15:34] alish hazel -----always "'-----: mana ada
[15:35] alish hazel -----always "'-----: just that i guess you might interested to go somewhere like
[15:35] alish hazel -----always "'-----: nether land Ireland UK US Japan Korea or Africa

heheh i am jahat if not jahat means it is not ALISH huhuh.... anyway i was in changi airport last saturday :)

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