Thursday, June 21, 2007

How To Take Care Of your Wound from 1st Degree Burn

What to do when you hurt yourself (by your careless act) with hot water or from your stove burner (practically by anything hot)

  1. Don't cover the affected skin with anything (normally ppl will apply Colgate(tooth paste), margarine or butter, egg white or any kind of paste base thingy BUT Do run it under tab water until you feel ease a bit.
  2. Go straight to seek for doctor treatment
  3. After being treated by professionals and receive your medication... constantly put on the medicated cream (make sure you clean it with alcohol swab-if provided before you apply the cream)...
  4. if blister came out don't prick/punch holes it. let it be....well like what i feel now the burn kinda itchy.... - mind you not to scratch it with your nail Instead put a layer of thin cloth and scratch the cloth instead (you don't want to get scars don't you so just do it this was).
  5. thats it :)

Picture of the day:

(snap this picture on the way from car park to my office - Location: Senai Airport (Sultan Ismail Airport), Malaysia

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