Friday, June 29, 2007

Batu Pahat HILTON ????

I was So busy yesterday so i don't have time to do blogs anyway i still not yet finish reading every post from and normally if i cross to someone blog i will check out their Rss feed on food first...
Batu Pahat hilton???so.. i does know this place (pic below) it is near my house and the location is infront of TIGS(Temenggung Ibrahim Girl S) Back door. The Nicest lontong serve her and guess what... do you guys know Dapur Arang? (Stove using sharcoal :) ) they cook and even heat the cattle with it... no wonder the aroma of the food is A++
huhuh (*cries* wanna be back to my home town d :( )

if you happen to have a meets in this place Call Batu Pahat johor.... drop by to following link to know where to make sure you always in full tank while you stay in batu pahat

p.s Luckyly yesterday i didnt puke overdose because of SYTYCD Malaysia

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