Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12 June 2007

-is a very important date for me (huhuhuh).... before you guys read further sorry i cant wish both of you on time (aihhh tak dak cash la nak top up my credit :(( huhuh)

2 of my super closes nicest friend

1. Happy Birthday Emily
(cant wait to see you without bracie)

know her the first time when we met in NLDS we just Click right at that moment and start to back stab others.... chech no lah.....start to annoyed others with em's cam whore attitude and with our laugh.... knowing you is yet the best thing happen to me since in this past 1 Year.... you'll never know what and how am i feeling to have you as my friend

2. Happy Birthday Ayin
(If let say you going for intern ship soon please let me know okie:))
budak ni i know her back in skool days in Convent BP. from all the Friends i have only you and Fara i still did keep contact and the only 2 person i still remember the DOB. when you were transfer to our school it sort of save me from and having the feeling of being alienate by other.... its a great deal to have you as my friend and having you as a friend bless my day everyday.

For both of you thanks for being my friend.
i pray to day for both of you so that you will archive what ever you want and wish for in your life. take care and miss you guys.


ayin said...

Aww.. that's so sweet. And yes, you have my permission for the picture ;P

Thanks for the beautiful memories and take care my dear. Will keep you updated with my exchange progress :D

Take care~

aLiSh said...

huhuh sob sob sob......going back home after this tired tgk pc.... not a problem.... for a friend like both of you :P