Thursday, April 12, 2007

Today event: web programming presentation
Evaluator: Mrs Sarina Sulaiman

Sleep late last night around 5 am, hanging out at my group mate places trying to finish all the program….

Msg to my good mate: Thank you for your cooperation ( Mawar, yana and cila) to present and finish our project with flying colors……

Msg to MHM: thanks for always being there for me. appreciate it and sorry to bugs you some time.

Pix of the day:

Thanks to: Norman tan for the Kurosaki Ichigo poster… I'm very touch because it happen to be each time you gave me present non of it is not in my interest.... (p.s don't be to nice to me almost every month u gave me present but i never did the same to you feels awkward wor

today vids:

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