Thursday, April 26, 2007

Missing Study Week

I'm surprise. can't imagine I say that. Well I am so not study freak but i love the environment. the atmosphere is actually overwhelm me: well
1stly. my residental block actually free from sound pollution and guess what nobody from second level actually screaming and annoyed us anymore.
2ndly. every body have the exact same looks (stress look tense etc etc).
3rdly. and seems like an enemies can work together in study group.
4th. and my study group member very helpful, pu cua i join the study group ^_^// claps to cykin, chiew thing, uyul n jay :) sampai hati you guys leave me last night everybody check out from the hostel yesterday leave me with AIESEC meets :( after the meets the 3/4 of the block already empty) so empty until i lost my interest to stay up anymore.

but the most things that i miss = supper.... menu : roti jala, nasi lemak and normally maggi with eggs :).....

Note: Very Sad i cant join AIESEC activities this 3 month break. bye bye NPC tata NATCON sayonara EB tip :(

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