Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Last Paper Black Pepper Lamb Chop Party

attendance: alish, uyul, chiew ting,cykin and jay
location: K04/3o4 KTR, UTM Skudai

basically we finish our last paper today morning since everybody is going back 2 their hometown today evening. leaving me with ICX transition until Saturday since Mr.Ethan won't take any excuse so better i didn't skip anymore transition (due to miscommunication LC UTM transition 3 weeks ago) where i ter-skip 1/2 day i don't want to make anything worst.
continue with the black papper lamb chop party. while i kena paksa cooking they all study SCK3833- web programming. and need to rest early today, /me will be presenting my WP tomorrow later afternoon i will behaving matching transition with Ms.Doria and later that evening Cherries meeting. Gambate to me ok :)........


tsongki said...

apasal u makan lamb chop???
kenot kenot!!!!!
lamb chop is mineeeee!
ok im going nuts....
miss ya babe!

aLiSh said...

wow just notice this msg... lol tsongki... miss you and hope everythings is just fine there