Wednesday, April 11, 2007

3 days ago Emily was complaining she still hasn’t got my blog address. I told her before my blog has been forfeited due to unforeseen circumstances. Anyway Bai tahan she keeps asking for it so it’s about time I do one. And this time would be about my University life. So….. Ready set go……………

Almost 10 month ago I’ve been accepted to continue my study in University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai . Yes, I’m excited. I have high expectation on studying in UTM. So when my brother drives through under the main gate my heart was jumping like hell.


Ok, this week I will introduce to all of you my messy room.

aLish BlockThis is my block when the first time I see this block my heart was devastated (since I read in the brochure the only show the new block is outside off linkaran ilmu(faculty block-library, main hall, mosque, HEP building and). But then after a while I know what is the advantage other than it is near to linkaran ilmu my block janitor really keep my block clean(I go to others block but it is no as cleans as my block and I really glad get that block.

Alish room

This is my room as you can see I have a roommate her name is jay, but since this is my blog I respected her with not showing her part of the room.

Yes, this room has been clean for picture taking purpose (tips- u can see the real stats picture above)

This is my messy table

I never good in keeping all those wire … hurmm anyway every time a came back from class I dump all my things on this desk. I normally never put my laptop on this table because under the glass is where my desktop monitor use to be (sent it back yesterday because interference is not what my mum will agree with). So thats it for my room introduction


Doria said...

Alish's hot to go!!!

Ha ha, now I know why Tina took the pictures yesterday... Yeah, thank God I didn't do anything stupid with my face.

Neat room...

aLiSh said...

cheah neat no lah i didnt ask her to do soooo.... doaria the output willl be given soon sorry